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TARGETED-MPI: Cultural Web Workshop

The main goal of our project is the development of Gender Equality Plans by the partner organisations. We see GEPs as tools for structural change in the project partners; therefore their development needs to consider the partners’ organisational culture. One innovative element of the project is the adaptation of the Cultural Web as a gender-aware tool for diagnosing if and how Gender Inequality is embedded in the structures, processes, practices and systems of the partner organisations. In TARGETED-MPI, we will use the Cultural Web as a framework to aid partners in the context-appropriate development and operationalisation of GEPs.

On Friday 23rd April, our partners from Lancaster University and Stockholm School of Economics organised a Cultural Web workshop to introduce the Cultural Web methodology to project partners. Through a series of presentations, plenary sessions, breakout groups and feedback sessions, project partners were i) introduced to the gender-aware adaptation of the Cultural Web methodology and constituent elements, ii) provided with practical guidance on how to collect data using the Cultural Web, iii) provided with answers to questions concerning the implementation of the Cultural Web in their organisations. Breakout groups focused on more detailed discussions concerning specific elements of the Cultural Web and its implementation and feedback sessions informed the partners on the main issues discussed in the breakout groups.