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2nd Stakeholder Workshop: It’s a wrap!

The 2nd Stakeholder Workshop of TARGETED-MPI was successfully concluded in Brussels on the 24th of March 2023. It was organized by the Athens University of Economics and Business and Vrije Universiteit Brussel TARGETED-MPI teams and hosted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel TARGETED-MPI team. Eleven experienced #GenderEquality external stakeholders participated. The workshop consisted of a plenary session and three roundtable discussions. During the first part of the plenary session, the Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator, Prof. Eleni Apospori provided the participants with an overview of the first-phase implementation and monitoring approach and reminded the participants of the different Gender Equality contexts, the barriers, and the overall lessons learned. Then, the TARGETED-MPI project partners presented the implementation and monitoring of their first-phase Gender Equality Plans (GEPs). Afterwards, during the roundtable sessions, the external stakeholders expressed their views and feedback on the implementation and monitoring of the first-phase GEPs, suggested possible solutions to the barriers encountered by the project partners during implementation, and provided additional advice. After the roundtable sessions, all participants gathered for the second part of the plenary session. The raconteur of each roundtable session provided a summary of the topics discussed, and the external evaluator (Brunel University London) presented the methodology and results of the evaluation. The overall synthesis of the workshop discussions will provide useful input for the preparation of the 2nd Phase GEP, starting in June 2023.